What the Ohio College Teaching Consortium Does

The OCTC is dedicated to serving Ohio faculty members by offering endorsements, ongoing professional development opportunities, and other resources to help them innovate their teaching practices to support all Ohio students. Our offerings include:

Formal recognition and certificate awarded for completing and reflecting on a series of events around a particular topic.

Our member institutions often open up their faculty development events to Ohio faculty members through OCTC. This enables faculty to benefit from the expertise of colleagues across the state, rather than at only their home institutions.

We share resources around topics of interest to faculty members, culled from our member institutions and professional organizations.

About the Ohio College Teaching Consortium

The Ohio College Teaching Consortium (OCTC) seeks to ensure that all Ohio public institutions of higher education collaborate to provide quality educational opportunities for our students. OCTC provides a venue by which institutions can share faculty development resources. The OCTC is composed of representatives from the Ohio Association of Community Colleges, the Ohio Department of Higher Education, the Ohio Faculty Senate for Technical and Community Colleges, the Inter-University Faculty Council, and state colleges/universities and their centers or offices for teaching and learning.

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