Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee represent the OCTC’s primary partners, including the Ohio Association of Community Colleges, the Ohio Department of Higher Education, the Ohio Faculty Council, the Ohio Faculty Senate for Technical and Community Colleges, as well as administrative partners and founding members. The Executive Committee’s primary role is to advocate for the OCTC and seek funding and support opportunities.

Elizabeth Wardle

Roger & Joyce Howe Distinguished Professor of Written Communication
Miami University


Phyllis Cummins

Assistant Director of Research 
Senior Research Scholar 
Miami University


Terry Filicko

Associate Professor
Clark State Community College
Ohio Faculty Senate of Technical and Community Colleges Chair


Linda Rouillard

University of Toledo
Ohio Faculty Council Chair


Kay Halasek

Department of English 
The Ohio State University


Melinda Rhodes-DiSalvo

Executive Director  
Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment 
Ohio University 


Tom Sudkamp

Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
Ohio Department of Higher Education


Anika Anthony

Associate Vice Provost and Director 
Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning
The Ohio State University


It has been especially rewarding to see a successful pilot year for the Inclusive Teaching Endorsement and the OCTC with nearly 100 endorsements awarded in 2021-22. I have yet to come across a consortium and a collaboration like this one.

Tom Sudkamp, Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, ODHE

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