Inclusive Teaching Endorsement Endorsees

Since fall semester 2020, the Ohio College Teaching Consortium has awarded an Inclusive Teaching Endorsement to 220 endorsees, including instructors, staff and graduate students representing community colleges and technical institutes and four-year colleges and universities in Ohio. We congratulate these instructors and the institutions who support and recognize their professional learning.

Endorsees By Institution

Amy Jo Sutterluety, Department Chair/Professor, Allied Health, Sport and Wellness, 6.24.22

Jacqueline Justice, Professor of English, Humanities, 6.24.22

Erica Carmack, Adjunct, Sociology, 06.15.21

Katrina Cochran, Assistant Professor, Health and Human Services – Nursing, 06.15.21

Garrett Fisher, Teaching Faculty – Nursing, 6.15.21

Monnica Gavin, Associate Professor, Arts & Sciences, 6.15.21

Melinda Mohler, Associate Professor of History, Coordinator for History/Humanities Courses, Arts & Sciences, 6.15.21

Patience Olajide, Assistant Professor, Health Human Services (HHS), 6.15.21

M. Katie Rismiller, Assistant Professor, Nursing Health, Human, and Public Services, 6.15.21

Danielle Roach, Assistant Professor, Arts and Sciences, 6.15.21

Mark Brown, Adjunct Faculty, Psychology, 06.15.21

Eugene Andres, Adjunct Faculty, IT Center of Excellence and General Studies, 06.15.21
Patricia Anzo, Associate Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics, 06.15.21
Jacquelyn Arendt, Adjunct Faculty, Sociology, 06.15.21
Rebecca Aronhalt Yokum, Adjunct, English as a Second Language 06.15.21
Travian Atkins, Adjunct Professor Business, Math and Technology, 06.15.21
Dennis Boylan, Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology, 06.15.21
Alison Braun, Adjunct, English, 06.15.21
Katherine Burdine, Adjunct Faculty, Art, 06.15.21
Daniel Burke, Adjunct Instructor, Accounting, 06.15.21
Rebecca Carte, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Liberal Arts, 06.15.21
Larry Cinadr, Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts – Psychology, 06.15.21
Sara Clark, Assistant Professor of English as a Second Language, English as a Second Language/Liberal Arts, 06.15.21
Karen Cross-Hatten, Manager, Adjunct Services Academic Affairs, 6.24.22
Elizabeth Emmer, Adjunct Chemistry Instructor, Chemistry, 6.15.21
Dr. Haidy Kamel, Chemistry, 6.15.21
Kathy Renfro, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, 6.15.21
Andrea Richardson, Theatre Instructor, Theatre, 6.15.21
Valerie Smart, Adjunct Faculty, Business, 6.15.21
Stacey Souther, Academic Professional Development Faculty Liaison/Professor Psychology
Kyla Weeks, Assistant Professor, English, 6.15.21

Katheryn Beaver, Teacher, Education/Technology, 06.15.21
Shanta Chester, Instructor, Public Health and Science, 06.15.21
Danielle Conger, Spanish Instructor, Academics 06.15.21

Carolyn Brown Treadon, Assistant Professor and Program Director of Art Therapy Department of Counseling, School Psychology, and Special Education, 06.15.21

Christina Brownlee, Adjunct Instructor, MKT/CIS, 06.15.21
Amanda Bylczynski, Professor of History, Social Sciences, 06.15.21
Kevin Coghlan, Assistant Professor and Social Science Coordinator, Sociology, 06.15.21
Loleta Collins, Adjunct, Arts & Sciences, 06.15.21
Michael Houser, Adjunct Faculty, Humanities and Computer Information Systems, 1.31.23

Margarita Benitez, Associate Professor, School of Fashion, 06.15.21

Ali Abdul-Aziz, Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering, 01.18.22
Lindsay Baran, Associate Professor, Finance, 06.15.21
Christie Bartholomew, Assistant Professor, Psychology, 06.15.21
Donna Bernert, Associate Professor, School of Health Sciences, 06.15.21
Blair Braun, Graduate Instructor, Psychological Sciences, 06.15.21
Heather Caldwell, Professor, Biological Sciences, 06.15.21
Ching-I Chen, Associate Professor Special Education Program, School of Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences 06.15.21
Ning-Kuang Chuang, Associate Professor, Hospitality Management/Foundations, Leadership, and Administration, 06.15.21
Michelle Corvette, Assistant Director & Educator, Center for Teaching & Learning
Megan Deibel, Graduate Teaching Assistant, 11.22 KH
Natalie Huya, Associate Lecturer, Theatre, 6.15.21
Bethany Lanese, Assistant Professor, 6.24.22
Chelsea Monheim, Grad Student/Teaching Assistant, 11.22
Rekha Sharma, 11.22
Jeanne Smith, Senior Lecturer / Writing Center Director, English, 4.18.22
Janine Tiffe, Assistant Professor, Music, 11.5.21
Karen Wetzel, Graduate Student
Megan Whitman, Graduate Student, 11.22 KH
Stephanie Siciarz, Program Coordinator, Italian Program, 6.15.21

Kimberly Boncha, Clinical Dental Hygiene Faculty, Dental Hygiene, 06.15.21
Jeanette Brossmann, Professor/Communication Studies Chair/ASL Program Coordinator/Quality Matters Coordinator, Communication Studies and American Sign Language, 06.15.21
Amy Copeland, Professor and Chair of Graphic Design & Photography, Graphic Design & Photography, 09.17.21
Christina Corsi, Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives & Campus Engagement, 09.17.21
Julie King, Adjunct Faculty, Business, 6.15.21
Megan Mamolen, Librarian, Assistant Professor, Library, 6.15.21
April Mason, Professor, English
Lauren Patton, Faculty, Nursing, 6.15.21
Jo-Michele Rymarczyk, PhD Adjunct Faculty, ITIS, 6.15.21
Lisa Stanich, Instructor Geography and Geospatial Technologies, 6.15.21

Lawrence Atkinson, Associate Professor, Engineering Business and Information Technologies, 06.15.21
Lisa Atkinson, Adjunct Math Instructor, Science and Math Division, 06.15.21
Angela Barnes, Adjunct Math Instructor, Science and Mathematics Division, 06.15.21
Amanda Belcher, Adjunct Instructor, Human/Social Services and Public Safety-Sociology, 06.15.21
John Bis, Assistant Professor Engineering, Business and Information Technologies Division, 06.15.21
Mary Jo Burns, Adjunct Faculty, 06.15.21
Mollie Chambers, English Professor, Arts and Humanities, 06.15.21
Hikmat Chedid, Professor Engineering, Business, and Information Technology (EBIT), 06.15.21
Audrey Forrest, Adjunct Professor, Business, 6.15.21
Michelle Foust, Associate Professor, Psychology, 11.22 KH
Vincent Granito, Professor, Psychology Social Science and Human Service, 6.15.21
Vicki Guggenbiller, Adjunct Faculty, Health and Wellness Sciences, 6.15.21
Jennifer Krupa, Director of LifeLong Learning, Health and Wellness 6.24.22
Jennifer Kukis, Professor, Social Sciences/Human Services, 6.15.21
Cynthia Llewellyn, Biology Adjunct Professor, Science and Math 6.15.21
Wendy Stone Scott, Project Coordinator/Adjunct Faculty Enrollment Services, 6.15.21

Stephanie Baer, Associate Professor of Art Education, Art 06.15.21
Veronica Barrios, Assistant Professor, Family Science and Social Work, 06.15.21
Laura Birkenhauer, Student Success Librarian for Campus Engagement, University Libraries, 06.15.21
Logan Clem, PhD Student/Teaching Associate, English, 06.15.21
Miranda Kunkel, Graduate Assistant, Sociology and Gerontology, 11.22.22

Crystal Johnson, Director, Adjunct, Community Relations and Experiential Learning, 9.17.21

Josh Birnbaum, Associate Lecturer, School of Visual Communication, 06.15.21
Edmond Chang, Assistant Professor, English, 06.15.21
Lori Marchese, Associate Professor of Instruction Analytics and Information Systems, 6.15.21
Courtney Mauck, Graduate Teaching Assistant, English 6.15.21
M. Geneva Murray, Director, Women’s Center, 6.15.21
Mary Kathyrine Tran, Assistant Director, Division of Diversity and Inclusion (Women’s Center), 6.15.21
Thomas Stevenson, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Human Consumer Sciences, 6.15.21

Kevin Cordi, Assistant Professor, Education, 09.17.21

Beth Black, Undergraduate Engagement Librarian, University Libraries, 06.15.21
Elisabeth Calhoon, Lecturer, Center for Life Sciences Education, 06.15.21
Evan Davis, Graduate Teaching Associate, Kinesiology, 6.15.21
Dr. Hazal Gumus Ciftci, Design, 6.15.21
Kristin Hawkins, Lecturer, Spanish & Portuguese, 6.24.22
Leah Herner-Patnode, Associate Professor of Special Education, Education and Human Ecology, 6.24.22
Jolynn Pek, Associate Professor, Psychology, 6.15.21
Erick Axxe, Graduate Student, Sociology, 06.15.21
William Cohen, Lecturer, Engineering Education, 06.15.21
Karen Mozingo, Lecturer, Theatre, Film, and Media Studies, 6.15.21
Brian Raison, Associate Professor, ACEL, 1.31.23
Tiffany Wild, Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning

Tycie Alcorn, Instructor, Social Hehavior and Science, 01.18.22
Andrew Art, Adjunct Faculty, Humanities, 06.15.21
Connie Burcin, Adjunct Instructor / Fieldwork Educator, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program, 06.15.21
Sara Burke, Instructor, Physical Therapist Assistant, 06.15.21

Ann Best, Chair, Health and Rehabilitative Services, and OTA Program Health and Rehabilitative Services, 06.15.21
Traci Bitler, Instructor, Marketing, Technology & Liberal Studies Business, Technology & Liberal Studies, 06.15.21

Dawn Allen, Assistant Dean, Business and Public Services Agriculture, 01.18.22
Jenna Beck, Professor/Chair, Law & Public Safety, 06.15.21
Yolanda Burgos-Olinger, Professor of Spanish, Humanities, Government and Modern Languages, 06.15.21
Kari Carter, Lecturer II (adjunct instructor), English, 06.15.21
Julia Clark, Associate Professor, Nursing, 06.15.21
Jenifer Conard, Adjunct Professor, Computer Science and Information Technology, 06.15.21
Rebecca Conrad Adams, Adjunct Instructor, American Sign Language Interpreter Education Program/ Education Department, 06.15.21
Lauren Dreshman, Associate Professor, Law and Public Safety
Annie Duke, Adjunct Professor, Psychology, 6.15.21
Marie Holloway, Adjunct, Management and Business, 6.15.21
Jennifer Lorenzetti, Adjunct Professor, History
Roberta Taylor, Adjunct Professor, Health Sciences, 6.15.21
Mercy Akpan, Adjunct Professor, CS/IT, 01.18.22
Aimee Applegate, Adjunct Instructor, Education-Interpreter Education Program, 06.15.21
Heidi Arnold, Professor, Communication, 06.15.21

Angela Adkins, Associate Professor, Social Science, 01.18.22
Debbie Casey, Assistant Professor, Management & Marketing Department, 06.15.21
Therese Revlock, Associate Professor, Arts and Sciences Division Communications, Humanities, and Reading, 9.17.21
Kristine Deekin, Program Director, OTA

Ibrahim Amidou, Adj. Associate Professor, French Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures, 06.15.21
Valeria Andrade Pinto, Graduate Assistant, Department of Psychology, 06.15.21
Kara Ayers, Assistant Professor, University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, 06.15.21
Gema Bahns, Assistant Professor, Management 06.15.21
Littisha Bates, Associate Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence and Community Partnership, Sociology and Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office, 06.15.21
Randi Bates, Assistant Professor, Nursing, 06.15.21
Sarah Beal, Graduate Assistant, Classics, 06.15.21
Barbara Besendorfer, Teaching Assistant, Ph.D. Student German Studies 06.15.21
Rebecca Borah, Associate Professor of English, English, 06.15.21
Amber Boyd, Director of Clinical Education, Assistant Professor Rehabilitation, Exercise, and Nutrition Sciences, 06.15.21
Jeffrey Brewer, Adjunct, Adjunct Department, 06.15.21
Victoria Buckley, Assistant Director, Lindner Career Services, 06.15.21
Debra Burgess, Adjunct Assistant Professor, History, 06.15.21
Kristen Campbell, Graduate Research, Assistant Psychology, 06.15.21
Michael Carr, Adjunct Professor, Marketing, 06.15.21
Nicole Carver, Graduate Student, Psychology, 06.15.21
Nicholas Castro, Executive Director, Inclusive Excellence, 06.15.21
Marianne Chan, Graduate Assistant, English, 06.15.21
Nabiha Chaudhary, Graduate Student, M.A. Psychology, 06.15.21
Heather Christensen, Associate Professor-educator, Medical Education, 06.15.21
Donna Chrobot-Mason, Associate Professor, Psychology, 06.15.21
Crystal Clough, Educator Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences, 06.15.21
Tracy Collins, Academic Specialist for Assessment, School of Information Technology, 06.15.21
Kimberly Conger, Assistant Professor, Educator, Political Science, 06.15.21
Dalton Cooper, Graduate Assistant, Psychology, 09.17..21
Andrea Corpolongo, PhD Candidate, Department of Geology, 09.17.21
Raqule Crawley, Assistant Professor – Educator, Accounting, 6.15.21
Robert Gray, Associate Director, Adjunct Assistant Professor Center for Exploratory Studies, College of Arts & Sciences, 6.15.21
Erinn Green, Professor, Educator and Director of Undergraduate Training, Psychology Psychology, 1.31.23
Shannon Hautman, Adjunct Faculty, English and Comparative Literature, 6.15.21
Alice Hicks, Success Coach/Program Coordinator, Student Affairs, 6.15.21
Christopher Holmes, PhD Candidate, Biology, 6.15.21
Nadia Ibrahim-Taney, Assistant Director and Course Instructor, Career Services
Mareike Lange, German Studies, 6.15.21
Margaret Lawlace, Graduate Student, Psychology, 6.15.21
Susie Mahoney, Ed.D., Associate Professor, Experience Based Learning & Career Education, 6.15.21
Danielle McLaughlin, Doctoral Candidate, Political Science, 6.15.21
Heather Nester, Assistant Professor, Experience-Based Learning and Career Education, 6.15.21
Anastasia Nurre, Adjunct, Art & Visual Communications, 6.15.21
Brenna Sherrill, Graduate Teaching Assistant, English, 12.8.22
Keith Sun, Lindner Career Services, 6.15.21
Richard Tillman, Assistant Professor – Educator, Psychology, 6.15.21
Lisa Timman, Associate Professor, Visual Communication Art and Visual Communication, 6.15.21
Rebecca Williamson, Adjunct Instructor, Anthropology, 6.24.22
Shauna Acquavita, Associate Professor, Director of Master of Social Work Program Social Work, 01.18.22
Lee Armstrong, Director, International Programs International Business/Management 06.15.21
Ruth Benander, Professor, English and Communication, 06.15.21
Christopher Broussard, Graduate Student, German Studies, 06.15.21
Greg Eldridge, Associate Professor, Opera, 6.15.21
Sarah Pickle, Associate Professor, Family and Community Medicine

Joseph Baumgartner, Assistant Professor, Biology, 06.15.21
Robert Meyer, Adjunct Instructor, History, Philosophy & Political Science 6.15.21
Kara Ayers, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, 06.15.21
Wendy Calaway, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Behavioral Science, 06.15.21
J.A. Carter, Assistant Professor of Sociology, UCBA – Behavioral Science, 06.15.21
Batsheva Guy, Manager of Special Projects and Programs (UC) & Adjunct Faculty (XU), Faculty Enrichment Center (UC) & Psychology (XU)
Helene Harte, Associate Professor of Education, Behavioral Sciences, 6.15.21
Anna Hensley, Assistant Professor of English, English & Communication, 6.24.22
Beth Monnin, Assistant Professor, Allied Health, Dental Hygiene, 6.15.21
Kevin Oberlin, Associate Professor, English and Communication, 6.15.21
Brenda Refaei, English and Communication, 1.31.23
Molly Scruta, Program Manager of Inclusion & Involvement, Student Life and Engagement, 6.15.21
Andrea Torres, Assistant Professor, English, 6.15.21
Tanya Williams, Program Manager of Partnership Development, Student Life/Career Services, 6.15.21
Stacey Benton, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Technology, 06.15.21
Patrice Gillespie, Associate Professor Adjunct, Business and Economics, 6.15.21
Jennifer Wells, Professor, Unit Head Veterinary Technolgy, 6.15.21

Meera Rastogi, Professor, Social Sciences/Psychology

Tracey Boggs, Director/Professor, Radiologic Technology, 06.15.21
Alan Cook, Associate Professor, Emerson E. Evans School of Business, 06.15.21

Jane Bogan, Area Coordinator, Education, 06.15.21
Kendra Cipollini, Professor, Biology, 06.15.21
Victoria DeSensi, Associate Professor of Psychology, Psychology, 6.15.21
Bonnie Erwin, Assoc. Professor of English / Instructional Development & Design Coordinator, English, 6.15.21
Wendy Grab, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Social Work, 6.15.21
Marcie Rovan, Assistant Professor English, 6.15.21
Audrey Wagstaff, Associate Professor of Social Sciences and Communication Arts, Social Sciences and Communication Arts, 6.15.21

Batsheva Guy, Manager of Special Projects and Programs (UC) & Adjunct Faculty (XU), Faculty Enrichment Center (UC) & Psychology (XU)
Lisa Ottum, Associate Professor, English, 6.24.22

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