Since fall semester 2020, the Ohio College Teaching Consortium has awarded an Inclusive Teaching Endorsement to 115 instructors, staff and graduate students representing community colleges and technical institutes and four-year colleges and universities in Ohio. We congratulate these instructors and the institutions who support and recognize their professional learning.


Christie Bartholemew

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Kent State University at Trumbull

"I do plan to share the information I have gained through the endorsement with my colleagues in our discussions. I am in a teaching group as well as a book group where I will bring up these new ideas and new way of thinking about access to discuss further."

Mark Del Balso

Adjunct Instructor, Graphic Design

Lakeland Community College

"In the long term, I will create inclusive assessments. The concepts of Un-grading or Contract Grading are interesting, but I have found Test-Retakes to be very effective for those (students) who strive for higher grades ...."

Jennifer Wells

Chair, Professor of Veterinary Technology

University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash

"As an academic unit head, I use data at the college level when doing program review, looking at other people’s programs or when completing accreditation paperwork. However, I have never embraced asking and then answering tough questions (which this endorsements helps me to do)."

All Endorsees

 June 24, 2022

Baldwin Wallace University

  • Amy Jo Sutterluety, Dept. Chair/Professor, Allied Health/Sport and Wellness

Bowling Green State University - Firelands

  • Jacqueline Justice, Professor of English, Humanities

Cuyahoga Community College

  • Karen Cross-Hatten, Manager/Adjunct Services, Academic Affairs

Kent State University

  • Bethany Lanese, Assistant Professor

Lorain County Community College

  • Jennifer Krupa, Director of Lifelong Learning, Health and Wellness

Ohio State University

  • Kristin Hawkins, Lecturer, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Leah Herner-Patnode, Associate Professor of Special Education, English & Communications

University of Cincinnati

  • Rebecca Williamson, Adjunct Instructor, Anthropology

University of Cincinnati - Blue Ash

  • Anna Hensley, Assistant Professor of English, English & Communication

Xavier University

  • Lisa Ottum, Associate Professor

January 18, 2022

Edison State Community College

  • Kevin Coghlan, Professor, Sociology, Social Science Coordinator

Kent State University 

  • Christie Bartholomew, Professor, Psychology 

Ohio State University

  • Addison Koneval, Graduate Teaching Associate, English 

Ohio University

  • Ryan Shepherd, Associate Professor, English

University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash

  • Trevor Presgrave, Associate Professor, Math, Physics, Computer Science 

September 17, 2021

Lakeland Community College

  • Mark Del Balso, Adjunct Instructor, Graphic Design 

Notre Dame College

  • Crystal Johnson, Adjunct Instructor; Director, Community Relations and Experiential Learning 

Stark State College

  • Kristine Deekin, Program Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant 
  • Therese Revlock; Associate Professor, Arts and Sciences, FYE Student Success Coordinator 

University of Cincinnati

  • Jeffrey Brewer, Assistant Professor-Annual Adjunct, Geography and GIS 

June 15, 2021

Clark State Community College

  • Mark Brown, Adjunct, Psychology 
  • Garrett Fisher, RN Faculty, Nursing 
  • Monnica Gavin, Associate Professor, Arts and Sciences
  • Melinda Mohler, Associate Professor, History, Coordinator, History/Humanities 
  • Patience Olajide, Assistant professor, Health and Human Services 
  • M. Katie Rismiller, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Danielle Roach, Assistant Professor, Arts and Sciences 

Cuyahoga Community College

  • Elizabeth Emmer, Adjunct, Chemistry 
  • Haidy Kamel, Professor, Chemistry 
  • Kathy Renfro, Assistant Professor, Mathematics 
  • Andrea Richardson, Instructor, Theater 
  • Valerie Smart, Adjunct, Business 
  • Stacey Souther, Professor and Co-coordinator, Psychology, Faculty Developent Coordinator
  • Kyla Weeks, Assistant Professor, English 
  • Rebecca Aronhalt Yokum, Adjunct, English as a Second Language 

Eastern Gateway Community College 

  • Katheryn Beaver, Instructor, Education/Technology 

Edison State Community College

  • Amanda Bylczynski, Professor, History 
  • Loleta Collins, Adjunct, Arts and Sciences 
  • Michael Houser, Adjunct, Humanities, Computer Information Technology 

Kent State University

  • Natalie Huya, Associate Lecturer, Theater
  • Stephanie Siciarz, Program Coordinator, Italian 
  • Jeanne Smith, Senior Lecturer, English, Director, Writing Center 

Lakeland Community College

  • Christina Corsi, Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives and Campus Engagement 
  • Julie King, Adjunct, Business
  • Megan Mamolen, Assistant Professor, Librarian
  • April Mason, Professor, English 
  • Lauren Patton, Assistant Professor, Nursing 
  • Jo-Michele Rymarczyk, Adjunct, ITIS
  • Lisa Stanich, Instructor, Geography and Geospatial Technologies 

Lorain County Community College

  • Audrey Forrest, Adjunct, Business
  • Vincent Granito, Professor, Psychology
  • Vicki Guggenbiller, Adjunct, Health and Wellness Sciences 
  • Jennifer Krupa, Director, Lifelong Learning 
  • Jennifer Kukis, Professor, Social Sciences/Human Services 
  • Cynthia Llewellyn, Adjunct, Biology 
  • Wendy Stone Scott, Adjunct; Coordinator, Enrollment Services 

Miami University

  • Stephanie Baer, Associate Professor, Art Education

Ohio State University

  • Hazal Gumus Ciftci, Instructor, Design 
  • Evan Davis, Graduate Teaching Associate, Kinesiology 
  • Karen Mozingo, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Theater, Film and Media Arts 
  • Jolynn Pek, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Brian Raison, Associate Professor and Field Specialist, Community and Organizational Leadership 
  • Tiffany Wild, Associate Professor and Assistant Chair, Teaching and Learning 

Ohio University

  • Edmond Chang, Assistant Professor, English 
  • Lori Marchese, Associate Professor of Instruction, Analytics and Information Systems 
  • Courtney Mauck, Graduate Teaching Assistant, English 
  • M. Geneva Murray, Director, Women's Center 
  • Thomas Stevenson, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Human Consumer Sciences 
  • Mary Kathyrine Tran, Assistant Director, Women's Center 

Sinclair Community College

  • Heidi Arnold, Professor, Communications 
  • Annie Duke, Adjunct, Psychology 
  • Marie Holloway, Adjunct, Management and Business 
  • Roberta Taylor, Adjunct, Health Sciences 

University of Cincinnati 

  • Ruth Benander, Professor, English and Communications 
  • Nicole Carver, Graduate Student, Psychology 
  • Dalton Cooper, Graduate Assistant, Psychology 
  • Raqule Crawley, Assistant Professor, Accounting 
  • Greg Eldridge, Associate Professor, Opera
  • Robert Gray, Assistant Professor, Arts and Sciences 
  • Alice Hicks, Coordinator, Student Life 
  • Christopher Holmes, PhD Candidate, Biology
  • Nadia Ibrahim-Taney, Adjunct, Management, Assistant Director, Career Services 
  • Mareike Lange, PhD Candidate, German Studies 
  • Margaret Lawlace, Graduate Student, Psychology 
  • Susie Mahoney, Associate Professor, Education 
  • Danielle McLaughlin, PhD Candidate, Political Science 
  • Heather Nester, Assistant Professor, Education 
  • Anastasia Nurre, Adjunct, Art and Visual Communications 
  • Sarah Pickle, Associate Professor, Family and Community Medicine 
  • Valeria Andrade Pinto, Graduate Assistant, Psychology 
  • Keith Sun, Director, Experiential Learning, Linderer Career Services 
  • Richard Tillman, Assistant Professor- Educator, Psychology
  • Lisa Timman, Associate Professor, Visual Communication

University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash

  • Joseph Baumgartner, Assistant Professor, Biology 
  • Wendy Calaway, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice 
  • J.A. Carter, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Patrice Gillespie, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Business and Economics 
  • Helene Harte, Associate Professor, Education
  • Robert Meyer, Adjunct, History; Philosophy, Political Science 
  • Beth Monnin, Assistant Professor, Allied Health-Dental Hygiene 
  • Kevin Oberlin, Associate Professor, English and Communication 
  • Brenda Refaei, Professor, English and Communication 
  • Molly Scruta, Program Manager, Inclusion and Involvement
  • Andrea Torres, Assistant Professor, English
  • Jennifer Wells, Professor-Unit Head, Veterinary Technology 
  • Tanya Williams, Program Manager, Partnership Development

University of Cincinnati, Clermont

  • Meera Rastogi, Professor, Social Sciences/Psychology 

Wilmington College

  • Jane Bogan, Area Coordinator, Education
  • Kendra Cipollini, Professor, Biology
  • Victoria DeSensi, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Bonnie Erwin, Associate Professor English, Coordinator, Instructional Development and Design
  • Wendy Grab, Assistant Professor, Social Work
  • Marcie Rovan, Assistant Professor, English 
  • Audrey Wagstaff; Associate Professor, Social Sciences and Communication Arts 

Xavier University

  • Batsheva Guy, Adjunct, Psychology