Welcome to the Ohio College Teaching Consortium

The Ohio College Teaching Consortium seeks to equip instructors across the state with evidence-based teaching strategies that contribute to learning environments conducive to the success of all learners, especially first-generation students, members of under-represented groups, and adult learners seeking to complete a college degree or retrain for the workforce. 

The consortium was formed in spring 2020 to respond to the following:

  • increased demands on post-secondary instructors to pivot to remote or hybrid learning
  • budgetary challenges that impact the breadth or depth of professional development offerings available to those who teach,
  • a need for extending the reach of diversity, equity and inclusion professional development opportunities to instructors, 
  • a need for instructors to be equipped with instructional strategies that increase achievement of learning outcomes or enhance the learning experience of an increasingly diverse student population, 
  • the ability to collaborate across institutions and promote evidence-based teaching strategies.


Inclusive Teaching in Higher Education Endorsement

Inclusive teaching describes the range of approaches to teaching that create learning environments where all students feel valued and have equal access to learning.

The Inclusive Teaching in Higher Education Endorsement offered by the Ohio College Teaching Consortium allows instructors to explore issues and tools for creating these types of learning environments. Any instructor currently teaching at an Ohio post-secondary institution is eligible to participate. 

Instructors who earn an Inclusive Teaching in Higher Education Endorsement will 

  • define inclusive teaching,
  • discuss research on how effective inclusive teaching strategies impact learning, 
  • practice identifying opportunities and proactive measures for inclusive learning environments, 
  • identify challenges and supports to inclusion within their current courses,
  • plan specific inclusive strategies to apply toward their teaching practice.  

To earn an endorsement, participants must attend at least six events, sessions or workshops (about 9-12 hours total) that have been approved by the consortium and complete a reflection for each. Synchronous and asynchronous offerings are updated regularly. Participants will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion.

Learn more about the Inclusive Teaching in Higher Education Endorsement.