Two new sessions available asynchronously

The University of Cincinnati Center for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning has made two sessions available for OCTC Inclusive Teaching Endorsement participants to view asynchronously. Viewing these workshops and reflecting on implementation of strategies introduced will be credited to the Inclusive Teaching Endorsement engagements. We encourage you to view them with colleagues, pause recordings for conversation or collaboration and collaborate on implementation ideas.

Introduction to Inclusive and Equitable Teaching Strategies for Teaching Assistants: In this interactive virtual workshop, Teaching Assistants (TAs) explore how they might support student learning by gaining awareness of the student experience and working to create an inclusive and equitable learning environment. Participants share tips and strategies that have helped them in the past and challenges they anticipate for the upcoming year. They also investigate how to infuse Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into their teaching and how this may be similar or different to faculty.

Strategies for responding empathetically: Unmasking best practices during and beyond a pandemic: Rapport is a critical component of every college class, but even more so when we are disconnected from one another during a pandemic, as well as a time of social unrest. It is imperative as educators that our students understand the material but also feel emotionally supported. This presentation addresses methods for gauging the emotional and intellectual well-being of our students through weekly mental health check-ins; the development of easy ways to connect with instructors via virtual office hours and Canvas chat tools; and the creation of low-stakes engagement assignments (such as the creation of memes, songs, and videos). Additionally, presenters outline empathetic approaches to prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion in order to support both our students as well as our colleagues.