OCTC announces new website, endorsement process improvements

Several new changes to the Ohio College Teaching Consortium and its Inclusive Teaching Endorsement have been implemented in response to participant and endorsement awardee feedback. These critical adjustments should make it easier for Ohio higher education instructors to register for events and complete the endorsement.

NEW WEBSITE: On our website, you can meet our partners, our Executive and Planning Committee members and higher education instructors who have earned the endorsement. We present them in featured endorsement awardee profiles and by institution. 

A new and much improved website allows for easy viewing of upcoming OCTC events with expanded descriptions. Registration links accompany each event. In addition, we have reformatted our “on-demand” section so instructors can easily view and submit reflections. 

We are also building out recommended resources for participants and increasing the news we share with you and with website visitors. As always, send us feedback so we can continue to make this better.

ENDORSEMENT PROCESS IMPROVEMENTS: We asked endorsement completers for feedback on the endorsements and events and made adjustments in response. 

Hours Required: When we first presented the endorsement, we asked participants to complete 6 to 9 hours of professional learning and submit a reflection. To simplify requirements, we are now asking participants to complete 6 events, workshops or sessions. Conferences or series may comprise more than 1 event, workshop or session. Of course, participants and endorsement awardees may attend as many events as you like. 

Less Redundancy in Reflections: We also heard from pilot-year participants that the reflection required following each event or session attended was heavy in terms of word count and time to complete. In addition, participants felt they were providing redundant information in the reflections. We have streamlined the reflection submission form and adjusted word count as a result. Now, participants submitting a reflection will respond to the following two prompts:

Prompt #1: Please describe 2 or 3 highlights of the endorsement workshop or session you attended. These might include new research on teaching and learning, effective instructional strategies or approaches, insights from colleagues also participating, or networking/peer-to-peer opportunities. (Response should be between 150 and 300 words.)

Prompt #2: As a result of attending this workshop or session, what changes, refinements or adjustments to current teaching practices will you make in the short- and long-term. (Response should be between 200 and 500 words.)

Rubric Refinement: All reflection submissions are read by an educational consultant and evaluated based on a rubric. We have refined the rubric to provide strong guidance to participants submitting reflections. The new rubric is available on our website.