Inclusive Teaching

What Happened to the Adult Learner?

This session is designed to reinvigorate the conversation on instructional approaches that best support the adult learner, or those age 25 and older who may or may not be juggling families and work in addition to pursuing a degree or certification. This panel discussion takes up the questions, who are the “new adult learners” and how can faculty both best respond to their needs, but also leverage their experiences in the classrooms. Faculty and staff share data on the new adult learner, insight into adult learners at OHIO, and new scholarship on adult learning, while adult learners themselves share the types of instructional contexts and strategies that have supported their success.

Designing Rubrics for Equitable Grading In Your Course

This workshop will focus on creating equitable rubrics. Specifically, we will discuss the pedagogical benefits of using rubrics, when rubrics might not be a good fit, and how to design rubrics for specific assignments. Rubrics are a great way to streamline comments, give students specific directions, and ensure equitable grading. We will also go over how to create rubrics in Canvas. NOTE: This workshop will be open to instructors from other Ohio colleges and universities through the Ohio College Teaching Consortium (OCTC).

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